One shots, Original Writing

Bury It – Short Prose

I stood there staring at the ground as a puddle of my blood formed near my feet. I was too petrified to move and too numb to scream in pain. The musty smell of the warehouse was still strong along with a scent of flowers.I could feel the sweat run down my face from my forehead while drops of blood left my fingertips. The wind blew past me.I assumed that the door is open but I couldn’t take my eyes off the bright red puddle growing at my feet. I lost too much blood and energy and finally, my legs gave away and I collapsed.

Red. That is all I could see. The blood had stopped flowing and my vision had become a blur. My vision got worse as tears welled up.I could make out the deep cut on my wrist and it reminded me that this was all my fault.I heard a scream. I didn’t know whose it was but I knew that that person was trying to get my attention and wake me up. I felt my vision and conscious giveaway and I knew I couldn’t fight it anymore. It’s over. This is how my story ends and there’s nothing I can do about it now. I gave in to the weakness that had captured me and the darkness took over.
I shut my diary rather loudly. The thud was distinctly heard in the desolated park. I didn’t want to relive my nightmare that I have been having for three years. The worst part was that it was influenced from the worst moment in my life. I was advised to write it down and I did. It is supposed to make me feel better and help me with my nightmares but I doubt that it would.
“Killing yourself is not a solution,” they said.
I disagree. It is a solution but not the right solution. I picked up the diary and a broken ring that I had in a small box. I looked around before I buried the box in a hole that I had already dug up. I patted the ground to make it as even as possible and turned around and walked away. I know, it is too symbolic but I needed it. I needed to bury the past and the pain it caused. More importantly, I needed to bury my darkest secret.


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